We control the entire energy corridor – from behind the meter to beyond the meter.


Turn your idle roof into a money spinner with our solar solutions!

Solar energy offers an excellent return on investment while utilising the rooftop space of your facility. Solar rooftop solutions generate free electricity for 25 years, resulting in huge savings and reducing carbon footprint.

  • Leading player in industrial rooftop solar PV installations
  • Installed one of the largest projects on a single roof in India
  • Innovative solutions for complex roof types, including cantilever beams, curved roofs, elevated structures, carports, etc.


Generate savings from the ground-up!

We have an enviable track record in installation of ground based solar power projects. Ground mounted solar installations deliver unbeatable ROI during the life cycle of the project, taking your manufacturing facility towards self-reliance for its power needs

  • Most efficient angles to maximise power generation
  • Better cooling of the panel through efficient air circulation
  • Easy maintenance


Let the shades do more than just keeping your cars cool!

We have been one of the pioneers in setting up car park based solar installations.

  • Serves a dual purpose of providing shade to cars while harnessing the power of the sun
  • Ideal for large industrial campuses with covered ground level parking


Wind power has now become one of the mainstream energy sources, with increasing machine sizes enabling the finest of ‘more power in less area’. Harnessing the power of wind requires an innate understanding of the intricacies involved in site selection, grid interface expertise, and project management. Our skills in the above, along with our rich experience in handling multiple energy sources, both conventional and non-conventional, uniquely positions us as a premier service provider for hybrid solutions involving wind.


Wind/solar hybrids can offer much needed continuous renewable power as both are infirm and can complement each other. Careful design and integration of systems are required for conforming to the prevailing regulatory environment. Appropriate selection of sites, coordination with LDC and selection of the appropriate capacity of wind turbine plays a very important part in hybrids. With a successful engineering track record, we offer unparalleled expertise in wind and solar hybrid solutions.


FEPL offers unified renewable experience by harnessing wind energy along with solar to give RTC power. A seamless integration of the latest wind and solar technologies ensures a continuous renewable energy supply. The infirm nature of renewables makes storage an attractive and necessary option. Solutions for industrial storage require careful selection of the best technologies to ensure smooth operations with minimal disruptions and easy maintenance. Our experts create tailored storage solutions that are designed to be optimum for each industry.


Our O&M services will ensure high performance of your solar PV plant throughout its life cycle!

Our specialised team will operate and maintain your solar PV plant 24×7 for optimum power generation with complete adherence to safety norms.

  • OHSAS 45001:2018 certified sites
  • Experienced and well-trained personnel
  • IT-enabled performance monitoring


Get more out of solar PV plant with our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)!

We commissioned the first Battery Energy Storage System for a solar PV plant in our premises that has been up and running successfully since its installation.

  • Designed with Li-ion technology to provide backup
  • Hybrid system parallel with solar PV and grid
  • Integration of RPMS and BMS for interruption-free service and monitoring

Why Us?

Trusted by top brands

  • Installed rooftop and ground solar PV plant for prominent Indian and international companies
  • Repeat orders by marquee customers

A culture of engineering excellence

  • Design and engineering expertise deploying sophisticated automated tools
  • Strong domain knowledge in energy management

Higher performance

  • Consistently delivering plants with performance ratio above industry benchmark

Lifecycle Asset Management

  • Keeping customer’s assets productive round-the-clock
  • Offering flexible annual maintenance contracts